The Fox Trophy

Fox Trophy

The Fox Trophy was awarded to the Lady Road Runner of the Year (also known as the Lady Road Palladium Champion) from 1982 to 2015. From 2016 this trophy has been awarded to the Ladies’ Trail Champion.

1982-83M Hurst1983-84M Hurst1984-85M Hurst
1985-86T Lewis1986-87T Lewis1987-88T Lewis
1988-89T Lewis1989-90F Wood1990-91T Lewis
1991-92T Lewis1992-93T Lewis1993-94T Lewis
1994-95T Lewis1995-96T Lewis1996-97T Lewis
1997-98T Lewis1998-99T Lewis1999-00T Lewis
2000-01T Lewis2001-02V Peacock2002-03K Garnett
2003-04C Leah2004C Leathley2005T Mitchell
2006A Wainscott2007S Burns2008T Mitchell
2009S Burns2010I Roche2011I Roche
2012L Hesketh2013I Roche2014J Kershaw
2015I Roche 2016 D Airey 2017 D Airey
2018R Wickham2019D Airey2020
2021M Abbott2022R Rimmington2023